sp_xdetails – index and table info

sp_xdetails – index and table info

While ago I wrote SSMS Addin called SQL XDetails. It was not updated long time because GUI integration with new SSMS versions were different every time and too much for my poor csharp knowledge. I am a DB guy after all. There are very good news – I wrote a procedure to replace the XDetails Add-in!

This first version shows indexes, columns, foreign keys. Not exactly everything that Addin had, but very close and very usable, using almost the same code to show the info. Feel free to download and enjoy seeing included columns of indexes, script to drop and recreate FKs of child tables, and much more. With time it will have even more features.

Installation instructions are at the top of the script, read them please.

Download here v2.62

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  1. I also have a script/system procedure for index details,
    some of the details I show are index usage stats, and data distribution stats. The item I am after is the cross-over point from index seek w/key lookup to scan. This typically occurs when the estimated number of key lookups exceeds about 1/3 the number of pages in the table, which is reasonable when data is on not in the buffer pool. When data is in memory, the true cross-over is much higher

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