You always wanted to know how to pass arrays to SQL Server? Watch this Ultimate Guide to Table-Valued Parameters! Hello and welcome! My name is Vedran Kesegić and this video is an absolute “must” for database developers. Fast performing database …

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Did you know that SUM() aggregate can be used together with OVER() clause? A short intro to windowing functions:

The result is graphically visualized by using only SQL Server Management Studio and unicode characters:

Your SQL Server may be slow for a peculiar reason: a run-away query that pushes-out all other queries from the plan cache, like a huge wave. So called “tsunami query”. Tsunami query wipes other plans from the cache and makes your SQL running slow. Creating tsunami query is easy and usually not intentional: a developer concatenates values in SQL command string. As it “works on my machine”, it easily slips to production (nobody tests for this, right?), and the monster is loose!